The Continuation from BleachRebirth
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 Kaeru (shinigami)

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PostSubject: Kaeru (shinigami)   Thu Mar 26, 2009 11:17 pm

Name: Kaeru - Kobayashi

Age: 573

Visual Age: 18

Gender: Male

Division: 8

Personality: Not as caring as most people but wouldnt think twice about giving his life to save a person. he takes orders from noone other than the captain commander, he acts on his own accord.


History/Background: Kaeru was turning 18 and was the co owner of his mothers buisness, she made and sold military weaponry to the government, she had just finished her newest weapon.. a sword, a sword that could harness the handlers energy and release it in a concentrated wave of energy able to slice through almost anything. the information of this new weapon had leeked and alot of powerful people wanted their hands on it.
it was a late saturday night kaerus birthday which him and his mother was spending at the office.. his father was killed 3 years before of cancer, at 23:00pm kaeru and his mother were heading out after working on some new designs but as soon as they walked out the door they were held at gun point by 10 people, and forced back into the building.
the demanded the sword but his mother refused, she was tortured and after 10 minutes she gave them the location and password information, 2 of the guys entered the passwords and found the sword but as they reached for it they triggered a self defence mechanism and were instantly scortched to death. the leader didnt take too kindly to this and shot kaerus mother there and then. and forced kaeru to get it.. he got hold of the sword but had a change of heart, he lunged at the guys slicing and dicing them like fish... they all ended up dead and kaeru full of wholes. he feel to his knees and called his mother before entering eternal darkness.

or so he thought. he woke up in a run down village awoken by a kid pokeing his face with a stick. he pushed the kid away lightly and stood noticing he still held the sword he died with, he then started walking in the direction of the main city of SS where his life will begin... again. Gin
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Kaeru (shinigami)
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