The Continuation from BleachRebirth
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 Anubis Silverlake (Vaizard)

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Anubis Silverlake
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PostSubject: Anubis Silverlake (Vaizard)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:19 pm

Char Creation
Name: Silverlake, Anubis

Age: 736

Visual age: 21

Ex-Division: 8th

Appearance: Long black hair, Green eyes, 6'0 tall, 272 lbs, Slightly tanned skin.

Personality: Happy go luck, Kind, Protective, Can be slightly arrogent but mostly shy, Very respectful toward others mostly women (AM NOT A WOMANIZER!!)

History: Born in Scottland 1232, Anubis traveled europe, at the age 10 he made japan his home. When he was 11 his father went insane and led a group of hollows attcking the castle he called home, Anubis and a group of guards fought trying to hold them off but they kept taking sector by sector. When they fell back in the main chamber that is when he realized his mother Len and sister Nelia wasn't there with the rest of them he was told she was in a area isolated from the rest, he grabbed his zanpaktous released them and ran out. In a blind rage started cutting down hollow after hollow then he saw his mother run into a room slamming the door behind her with his sister in her arms. He ran after her after busting the door down Anubis found my mother on her knees with a calm exspression with Lucainus his father standing over her with his zanpaktou over his head ready to slay them. Anubis roared for him to stop she turned her head slowly to Anubis then shook it just as slowly he started to bring his sword down Anubis ran forward leaped forward his fathers sword slashed down his spinal cord, Len caught Anubis and laid him down beside her he was unable to move she kissed his forhead and smiled then Lucainus thrusted his sword stabbing Anubis mother through the heart killing her. He smirked as the blood ran down the blade onto Anubis face Anubis eyes darkened as he was screaming in his head to get up but he felt cold and so tired he passed out. He felt nothing but cold blackness washing over him as if he was falling then he heard a voice say to him "Do you want revenge" i said "What" and he repested "Do you want revenge against ur father, and for all those who he hurt, for those who hurt you, for killing your mother" weakly Anubis said yes in that instant two eyes two giant purple and yellow eyes appeared above him out of the blackness. Anubis felt a surge of power life was coming back into him the next he releazed he was standing his wounds healed and his Zanpaktous changed. As if his body moved with a will of its own, Anubis heared in his head laughing Anubis father looked up shocked and he started attacking him wounding his shoulder he ran off Anubis fell to my knees pantting as the mask withdrew and he has been looking for his father and sister ever sence
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PostSubject: Re: Anubis Silverlake (Vaizard)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:28 pm

aproved ^^
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Anubis Silverlake (Vaizard)
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