The Continuation from BleachRebirth
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 Daitenshi Konohanusakuya

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PostSubject: Daitenshi Konohanusakuya   Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:20 pm

Name: Daitenshi (Archangel)
Command: Spread your wings and soar Daitenshi
Family: Twilight
Level: Shikai and Bankai
Shikai: One sword is pure black the other is pure white
Shikai Ability:
Bankai: Konohanusakuya Daitenshi (Way of the dawn Archangel)
Bankai Limt: 9 turns, 2 turn cool down
Bankai Ability: Releases a army of undead jackel headed soilders to do my bidding, I am able to command the abillitys of all 6 Elements (Earth Water Wind Fire Light Darkness) Techniques:

Tomoharu wave: A blast of Light energy and a blast of drak energy both fire from one of my Zanpkatous.

Zakgoog (Celestail armor) *It can be activated by my bankai mode my Zanpaktou shattered and swirled around any my wings bust from my back a black and white arura surrounded me black feathered boney dragon wings formed on my back a Jackel headed helmet formed on my head my hollow mask over my face long white hollow bone arm blades on each forarm the knightish armor comprised of white hollow and black dragon scales form the metal it protects me increases my speed so that it looks like where i was is where i am its a fusion of my reaistu, hollow and my dragon spirit in one

Battojutsu(Elementail Destroyer) *It takes half my entire energy i raise my hands above my head and the foreces of earth wind water fire light and darkness all in one ball i launch it and destroys everything in the area and dose sever damage to anyone around

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PostSubject: Re: Daitenshi Konohanusakuya   Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:30 pm

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Daitenshi Konohanusakuya
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