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 How to become a Captain

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PostSubject: How to become a Captain   Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:36 pm

There are many ways to become a Captain on these forums.

1. A candidate must be suggested by a current Captain of the Gotei 13. The candidate will be reviewed by the Captain Commander and 3 of the Admins. If the candidate possesses all of the required credentials, the reviewers will vote and make the candidate a captain.

2. Position Challenge : Challenging a Captain.
The challenger must be at least 3rd seat, rank wise and must have Bankai. The Defending captain must post in the challenge thread and once posted, the challenger must post in the thread within 48 hours. If the defender fails to post a reply with 48 hours, he'll lose his captaincy.

3. The Captain Commander will not be challenged. The title is given to a character by the Admins of the forum and will only pass onto the another by the will of the Admins.

4. If a captain of a division dies or turns rogue or is unavailable for any reason, the spot will be vacant till the Admins go by the first rule. The Vice Captain of that division will be in charge of the division.

5. Vice Captain is not necessarily the rightful character eligible to the Captaincy of that division. The title goes to the deserving.

6. No polls shall be posted in the Polls section or anywhere else to vote for a Captain.

.:Requirements to become Captain:.

1. Must acquire Bankai.
2. Must be a good RP'er, usually posting in paragraphs.
3. Must be someone who can measure the strength of the foes he or she faces.

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How to become a Captain
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