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 Status of the Bounto race

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PostSubject: Status of the Bounto race   Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:53 pm

These are the list of the current Legendary Bounts:

Note: The Bounto ranks are arranged in the style of chess, starting from the Monarch, all the way down to the knights, along with the fact they are adopting names from German nobility of the German empire under Prussian sovereignty.

1. Die Kaiser (The Emperor/Leader)

2. Die König (The King/Vice Leader)

3. Die Grossherzog (The Grand Duke/3rd Legendary)

4. Die Erzherzog (The ArchDuke/4th Legendary)

5. Die Herzog (The Duke/5th Legendary)

6. Die Fürst (The Prince/6th Legendary)

7. Die Burggräf (The Burgrave/7th Legendary)

8. Die Gräf (The Countess/8th Legendary)

9. Die Freiherr (The Baron/9th Legendary)

10. Die Edler Herr (The Lord/10th Legendary)

NOTE: The Legendary Bounts are now accepting Ritters (can be anyone as long as they are allied to the Bounto's or are Bounto's themselves, they will serve their master first but then the rest of the legendary Bounto's second). Also another note is that Ritters will be viewed as an independant rank. They don't work under anyone but will take orders from Legendary Bounto's, they are in a way similar to how the ranking of the legendary Bounto's are set up, therefore they will be of their own accord. They aren't similar to how Fráccions or Vice Captains are, their rank represents their power, not who their superior is.

The Ritter are known as Knights in German.

If you wish to be an Ritter post here.

These are the list of current Ritter:

1st Ritter:

2nd Ritter:

3rd Ritter:

4th Ritter:

5th Ritter:

6th Ritter:

7th Ritter:

8th Ritter:

9th Ritter:

10th Ritter:



Main Requirements:

1. You must have at least 20 posts.
2. When having a battle make sure you use a paragraph style.

Open seat Requirements:
If there is an open seat for a legendary here is the requirements.

A. Must be active most of the time, inactivity will not be tolerated, there will be booting. (IG: A week, a full moon, etc.)
B. The RPer must follow the agenda of the whole race, if there was going to be an attack on another race, then the person will attack the other race, if he goes against the agenda and does the opposite, then the person WILL be booted as a traitor.
C. Will be judged by their character sheet, and if possible, also their posts.

Snatching the Position:
If the seat is all taken up, you can take one of this and change the one who is in there.

1. Must complete the Main requirements.
2. [edit] you must now challenge the lowest ranking Bountou for their position
3. If he/she didn't agree you will automatically get the position. But if he/she agreed your fight will be held in the position battle.
4. If the battle has no reply in 48 hours, the last poster wins.
5. If you don't have the main requirements, your challenge will be considered null and void.
6. Those who have newly joined a position have an immunity of 1 week, meaning they will not be challenged for that time period.
7. If the challenger loses they are not allowed to challenge someone for a higher rank for 3 weeks.
8. There can be exceptions to having people share the same rank, if they filled the criteria of joining that is.



Vaizards: Allies - Currently, the Bounto race is allied with the Vaizards, it is best advised not to engage into any battles with the Vaizards and help them out in times of need, hostile actions at the Vaizards will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion followed by execution for treasonous intents.

Arrancars: Hostility - Currently, the Arrancars have allied with the Shinagami, and in turn, they have provoked the hostility of the Vaizards, and in turn of that, they have invoked the full wrath of the Bounto race, therefore any conflict with them is welcome, orders are to kill on sight, no prisoners will be taken.

Quincy: Ceasefire - Currently, the Bounto race are at ceasefire with the Quincy, therefore any fights with the Quincy will be frowned upon, although if there was any hostility, inform the leader at once of it.

Shinagami: Hostility - Currently, the Shinagami have allied with the Arrancars, and in turn, they have betrayed the trust of the Vaizards, and in turn of that, they have invoked the full wrath of the Bounto race, therefore any conflict with them is welcome, orders are to kill on sight, no prisoners will be taken.

Superhumans: Friendly - Currently, the Superhuman race is friendly with the Bounto because of their similarities and the fact they have a similar nature to the Bounto's, therefore it is best to recruit a Superhuman into the Bounto race and help them out in times of need, although an alliance is impossible with them because of their lack of organization.


Bounto mansion rules:

1. Any Legendary above 4th rank or higher is forbidden to use their most powerful technique under the roof of the mansion - to do so will cause massive damage to the building... which will be paid out of your own expenses.

2. Legendary's ranked 5th or higher must eat their meals outside the house when not fighting an enemy of the Bounto's or their allies.

3. The basement and the pent house is for Legendary's and Ritters only - you may only visit your the Legendary's room if invited.

4. The meeting room is only meant for all Bounto's and Ritters, allied elites may attend but no lower personnel may enter.

5. The only visitors allowed besides allied races are humans which they can be kept as pets.

6. The Legendary Bounto's have permission to do whatever they want and have any Ritters or lower Bounto's do what they want them to do... that is unless the direct intervention of the Leader prohibits such a thing.

7. The 9th and 10th Legendary Bounto's will be the janitors of the house along with being butlers.

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Status of the Bounto race
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