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 Rebecca ~shinigami~

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PostSubject: Rebecca ~shinigami~   Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:24 pm

Name: Rebecca

Age: 167

Visual age: 16

Gender: female

Division: 6

Personality: she is loyal and sometimes calm, but she is short tempered and gets angered easily. some times she acts like she doesnt care. when meeting new people she is shy and says little, but when you get to know her she acts cheerfull and silly, doesnt really get attched to anyone. she may try to act silly just to make others laugh, since she can never stand to see people mad or sad,
she is rather emotional, and can cry easily, her emotional self gets hurt easily. she was a honor role stident in her school, proving she has brains to asses situations, but she can find almost anything shes looking for if its lost. she is great at art and swordsmanship. when she is angered she tends to loose control of herself and craves to fight.

Apperence: hehe i drew the pic myself

time on earth
she lived with her mother, sister and father till preschool, but after her parents split up she moved around with her sister and mother throughout her life, learning to become relient only to herself when she was in gradefour she seemed distent from her family, only finding true welsoming at her grandparents farm. after moving away with her mother again,, who had a alcohol problem she was taken away from her mother by the police. being sent 6 hours away to live with her father

her father was always a funny guy, but short tempered, she dirived her personality from her father, only looks she inherited from her mother, closely resembling her. He father had remarried and had a new kid,, but seemed to pay more attention to them, and seemed to shut her out, Rebecca was always interested in swords and many other things, although others disaproved of her interests and she seemed to be alone. she should have died years before, like when she was caught in the middle of a blizzard and her the car broke down, she almost commited suicide after beong a loner from school as well, two months later she moved away from her fathers, being kicked out cuz her room was being given to her fathers new child,
before boarding the bus to take her to her grandparents place, she took a old dagger like weopan with a dragon carved in the handle, she carried it with her everywhere at her grandparents, knowing the gangs that live around the area she was always afraid they would break into the farm house, or set the animals loose. she dropped out of school, being a hounor roll student the school disaproved, she would spend her free time helping out at the farm and training horses and drawing, art was one of her passions. she always played around with her sword, she even enrolled in a school of swordsmanship, and she finaly felt at home at the farm with her sister and grandparents

her death
one night she decided to check on the horses, with the moon shininng brightly you can see everything around you, she passsed one of the old shacks her family used to store old broken machines, but it turns out some members of the towns gang used these shacks for hangouts, so when she discovered this they automaticaly attacked her, but she always had her dagger, and with her swordmanship skills she faught back, insted of running, she ended up killing some, though she hesitated she felt a newfound lust in the fight, the craving of the rush, the quickening of her heart and the feeling of having power
after stabbing the last guy '[i]baaaannnnggg the guy was the only one with the gun and shot her in the stomach before he died, shortly after, she died to after trying to crawl back to the housse but died of blood loss

[b][Time in rukongai

after going to rukongai she merely spent her time doing nothing, shed sit at the edge of alleyways scribing small peices of art on torn parchment, sometimes she got into fights and wonder around

she caught the eye of a fellow shinigami that passed by in a patrol, he ended up breaking up the fight between her and another person, the shinigami was a seated officer and saw potentail in her, so he reported back to the Seretei and she was accepted to be taken into the academy

Rise as a shinigami
she enrolled in the achademy, although hating to study she did, but often got in trouble for doodling all over her work. she met up with her sister in the achademy. she loved the sword fighting and was quite good at it, sometimes in her free time she'd ask other students to spar with her, but another talent she had was kido, she was above average in her classes in kido, but her best spell was destruction art number 4- white lighting, it was more powerful then what the other students could cast. and finaly she graduated with flying colors from the achademy, she then became the luitenit

~~~ringsy is my sister~~~
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PostSubject: Re: Rebecca ~shinigami~   Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:25 pm

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Rebecca ~shinigami~
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