The Continuation from BleachRebirth
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 Rasen Chikyuu - Captain Commander

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Captain Commander - Division 1

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PostSubject: Rasen Chikyuu - Captain Commander   Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:27 pm

Name: Rasen Chikyuu

Age: 1367

Visual Age: 17

Gender: Male

Division: Captain Commander (squad 1)

Personality: Rasen is a genius. He can out-think, and out-manuever almost anyone mentally. He has a dominating sense of right and wrong and believes that for true peace a person has to follow the path of the samurai. He kind, caring, and is willing to break the rules if he believes it to be the right thing to do. However he is also lazy and perverted. He'll make very disturbing jokes and peek on the women serving under him occasionally.


During Rasen's Life he was a fairly normal person. He lived life mostly unconcerned about the world outside his city, he had a girlfriend, his parents had normal jobs. One worked in a sushi resturant and the other taught piano. He died in an accident, when walking through the streets a child had lost his ball and ran into the middle of the street together. Before the kid was hit Rasen jumped into the street and pushed the kid out of the way and was hit instead.

When Rasen entered the soul society he forgot almost everything except a few detials. Not long after he ran into a group of shinigami with their leader harrasing what looked like an old woman. After defeating the shinigami in a fight of how he had no idea, the other shinigami took him to the seretei where he began 10 years of training to become a shinigami himself. After graduation he was assigned to the 2nd squad where he was an adequate soldier but not very impressive due that he couldn't even use Shikai. During a routine excursion to the real world lead by the fifth seat, they unexpectedly encountered a menos grande. During the fight the fifth seat and several other powerful squadmates were injured. Rasen unlocked Shikai through sheer rage which was a powerful one. After defeating the menos and returning to the seretei Rasen was promoted to fifth seat and then slowly grew stronger and worked his way up to third over the years.

After a few hundred years of his position in 2nd squad he found himself learning to use powers beyond shikai. After his first couple years trying to figure out his powers he learned he was unlocking bankai. His zanpaktou began to manifest itself every now and then, giving him advice during battle. After another years he finally unlocked bankai and began the ardurace journey of mastering it. For the first 7 1/2 years he mastered the bankai version of his first shikai technique. Which then followed for the remainder of the 15 years with learning the improved version of his other technique. 50 years after mastering bankai the 12th squad captain was killed fighting to defend his subordinates from a large group of arrancar.

After many more years Rasen was surprised to be promoted to the Soataitchou of the entire Sertei. It was something he never expected as he thought he would end up dead during a mission. He spent a good deal of time trying to get everything organized but never felt entirely comfortablt with the organization of the Seretei.
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PostSubject: Re: Rasen Chikyuu - Captain Commander   Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:28 pm

approved ^^ =D
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Rasen Chikyuu - Captain Commander
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