The Continuation from BleachRebirth
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 Methias Kadulé

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PostSubject: Methias Kadulé   Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:16 pm

Name: Methias Kadulé

Age: 365

Visual Age: 20

Gender: Male

Division: 11

Methias is a generally happy person, who is extremely flirtatious around the opposite sex. This often leads him into trouble, as most women do not respect this side of him. He is brutally honest, and doesn't lie to anyone about his feelings, be it about them or their actions. He seems to have a strange relationship with his weapon, which appears to be almost like a brother to him.

In Battle:
Methias, when put in battle with an enemy, becomes a ruthless killing machine, doing all he can to put an end to the encounter. It is here you realize his confidence in his ability to fight, and his protective nature to defend his allies. His eye's appear to lose all emotion, and his attacks have truly malicious intent behind them. If the fight wares on long enough, he'll begin to fight through physical injuries. Due to this reason, he has been dubbed "The Beserker".

*See Avatar* (Yes, his appearance has changed a lot since the last time he was seen.)



Methias was born in Hiroshima, Japan, 1925. He spent his life as a child constantly on edge, feeling as if something was watching him from a far away place. He eventually found out what these were, the hollows. As the youngest of a family of five, he was constantly put at ease by his elder brothers, Zeikke and Shin. They too, felt their presence. It wasn't until the age of 10 that Methias first was able to see these truely malevolent beings for what they were, vile, ugly, destructive creatures.

During the years, he was attacked several times by these hollows, saying something about his spiritual awareness, and how he would taste brilliant. His brother Shin was the first to die, followed by his mother and father. Here, he learned of the value of friendship. Something he truly treasures to this day. By now, the war had hit.

He was fourteen at the time. Now, only he and his brother Zeikke were alive. His borther refused to let him fight in the war. They were living on the streets of Hiroshima now, and they would travel through the sewers and side roads to avoid being found to join the military. Along with these troubles, the constant hollow attacks were growing greater in number. It was truly a struggle to survive. This could not last forever, and it ended in the earliest days of August, 1945. Methias was 20 at the time.

A hollow stood over his brother, devouring his very essence. Methias could do nothing, but watch his brother die knowing he would be next. Cowering in fear, a tear ran down his face as a huge light appeared. And then it was the darkest day Methias had ever seen. People dead everywhere, fire rising from the ground. A true image of hell.


That day was the day of Methias' death. He knew, even though he felt nothing, he was dead. The strange chain at his chest which was slowly being devoured gave it away a little. Methias remembered seeing these on the spirits. He looked around, seeing several others like him, panicking as he was. It wasn't long before a bunch of people he often saw appeared, the ones with swords and black robes, who he knows now as Shinigami. Quickly, people were being turned into the very hollows that use to hunt him, and devouring many people at the time.

Methias grabbed his chest. His chain had reached its limit. He was going to become one of them. In a blind panic, he called out to one of the "Shinigami", who quickly came towards him. However, he thought it was too late, as a mask began to appear. Strange, as all the other people around him had the mask forming last, yet he couldn't think of this at the time. The Shinigami cut at him, releasing his spirit, before he awoke in a strange place, The Soul Society.

-Training to become-

Methias awoke, knowing nothing of his past endevours. Apparently, the shock of what had happened had left him in a terrible state of mind, which caused an amnesia. His only memory was his name, Methias Kadulé. He lived on the streets of this new place, not wanting to join a strange family. He kept himself to himself, but he eventually awoke with a nameless blade in his hand. With this, he felt he must go to the central building, the Serentei.

Upon reaching the gates, a huge man stood in his way. Methias drew his blade quickly, in panic and instinct. The man looked at him, examining him it seemed, before laughing. After a lengthy discussion, Methias finally entered the Serentei.

After a while, he became strong enough to join in the lessons the others were taking. The first was Kido Class. Methias however, didn't do too well at this, performing below the general average, and struggling at the time to use a Kido beyond the number of 25. Above 30 and he stood no chance of using the technique. in the next lesson, combat training, he excelled. In his chosen matches, he fought valiantly and defeated those who stood on his way, without even cutting them. His confidence grew, and he eventually became a flirtatious, happy person. The memories of the past were long gone.

After a few years of training, Methias started to hear a nameless voice, which he soon befriended. It taught him while in combat how to fight more effectively, and how to control his abilities wisely. A year later, and he heard the name of his blade.

Methias was once again in his sword training class, where a new opponent began to get the better of him. However, before the decisive blow was struck, Methias spoke the word, Mizuchi. His blade began to change shape, becoming more deadly in appearence, the blade taking on a more sinister look about it. The weapon grew from around four feet to five, and grew in width by around three times. Grasping the blade with both hands, Methias' new power was released and realised by his mentor. At this time, Methias passed his training and became a fully fledged Shinigami, and was placed in the second division. Special forces.

-Gotei 13-

Methias' training wasn't over yet however, as his training continued and became much harder and more effective. Here, he learnt the power of Shunpo, and how to use sword techniques more effectively. He trained personally to perfect a technique that was being taught to him by the Mizuchi, a feat that has still not been completed. Through the years, however, Methias' way of battle has lost all emotion, and he's become more of a relentless attacker than he use to be, and has been dubbed as a beserker by many of his Division.

He was soon trained by a man named Yaouchi, as the Shinigami realized Methias had great hidden potential. The training ended with Methias joining the thirteenth squad, and mastering his great power.

It took a while, but eventually Methias ended up as the Captain of the Sixth Squad. He ended up giving himself away only a few weeks after being initiated into the position, as the Soul Society was under attack. In order to defend it, he did what he had to do. However, he was eventually rescued, and he continued his duties as normal.

As time passed, his Lieutenant Rebecca was kidnapped by the Espada. In a fuel of rage and hate, he eventually ended up in Los Noches. His power was incredible, and he had entered the "Beserker" state yet again, the first time in several years. His eye's glowed with a fire which wasn't seen in him before then. He took on the Espada, eventually freeing Rebecca and her comrade. Upon returning, he was moved to the Captaincy of the Eleventh Squad, his swordsmanship then considered the strongest in the whole of the Soul Society.
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PostSubject: Re: Methias Kadulé   Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:32 pm

accepted ^^

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Methias Kadulé
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