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 Methias' Zanpakuto - Mizuchi

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PostSubject: Methias' Zanpakuto - Mizuchi   Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:33 pm

Name: Mizuchi


Command: Roar, Mizuchi

Family: Shadow

Level: Bankai


Shikai Techniques:

Name: Satsujin Ken (Devilish Wind)
Description: Methias closes his eye's, and runs his finger along the blade. As his finger moves across it, the blade begins to glow black. Upon reaching the tip of the blade, Methias opens his eye's and states "Satsujin Ken!" After doing so, he slashes with the blade, creating a black energy from the sword that heads towards his opponent. This does no damage to anything but the opponent, and causes no damage unless it hits his opponent. (If you're not his opponent you won't recieve damage). If this contacts the opponent, there will be no damage on the outside, however, their stomach will rupture, causing internal bleeding and possibly slowing them down through pain. This attack is easily dodged. Bleeding lasts for 3 posts. (This technique can be used without running his finger down the blade in Bankai) (2 turn cooldown)

Name: Internal Agony
Description: This is a slash Methias uses while in his Shikai state. Instead of cutting the enemy like his blade normally would, it slides through, causing no outside damage, but allowing shadow energy into where the sword passed. The shadow energy expands after a short while, causing small explosions inside the body, which inturn causes the outside skin to crack and leak blood. The effect is stronger for each time Methias hits the enemy with the technique. This effect is used to make the opponent feel nauseous and week. It can only be used after using "Satsujin Ken", for a duration of around 10 seconds. After that, the effect wares off and cannot be used until he uses "Satsujin Ken" again. The effect lasts for 3 posts.

Shikai Ability:

Permanent Release - Through Training, Methias keeps his Zanpakuto released with no effort. He does this constantly now, so he is always ready for battle.


Name: The God Slayer, Mizuchi

Description: Methias raises his blade into the air, and faces it towards his opponent. A huge Reiatsu then bursts from him, shaking the very ground he stands on. Anything dark, which includes shadows and shadow energy is then drawn towards him, creating a shell. Within seconds, a bright white light bursts from the center, and a pressure pushes anyone near him away.

After this initial burst, Methias' clothing changes into a greyish color, and his single weapon is seperated into two blades. Each of them look almost identical, however, they are inverted in color. The first is almost jet black, whilst the other is the brightest of white.

Bankai Ability: In this state, Methias gains a huge increase in speed and strength. His spiritual pressure is through the roof, aswell as having control over both the Light and the Dark, due to his new weapons. His blades are named after their abilities, respectively.

Picture of Weapons:
^ Blade of Hell
Heavenly Sword is exactally the same, however, the black parts of the weapon above are white.

Name: Heaven and Hell
Level: Bankai
Description: Methias' weapons begin to glow, absorbing their represented energies. This means that the Heavenly Sword absorbs the light in the area, while the Blade of Hell absorbs the shadows. This leaves the area where Methias is standing in an odd state, with no shadow or light in it. This creates a strange, overwhelming feeling on his opponent. Swinging his Heavenly blade, a beam shoots out at his opponent, creating a feeling of relaxation if it hits. If this connects, shadow covers Methias, and the overwhelming feeling disappears.

After doing so, and the technique connects, the opponent will almost enter a deep sleep, until Methias swings the Blade of Hell. If this technique connects, which is likely if the light beam connects, the opponent will be inflicted with a terrible pain that'll cause blood to burst out from their body for a short time.

(The effect lasts one turn, and is a quick loss of blood, which will likely leave the user in great pain and have a weak feeling.)
(This technique has a 10 posts cooldown.)
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PostSubject: Re: Methias' Zanpakuto - Mizuchi   Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:52 pm

acepted ^^

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Methias' Zanpakuto - Mizuchi
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