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 Shuei Setsuna [ Arrancar]

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Shuei Setsuna
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PostSubject: Shuei Setsuna [ Arrancar]   Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:16 pm

Name: Shuei Setsuna

Age: 17 (Hollow Years: 118 / Menos Grande 79 / Adjuchas Years: 154 / Arrancar Years: 323)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Shuei has short brown hair that only extends out towards his face like long hair. His eyes' iris is colored violet and his skin tone is white but a bit tanned. His clothing are black & white to what the Arrancar dresses but has a strap on his right arm along his pants are tight instead of baggy. He has a cloak that is what Espadas wear too.

Personality: Shuei is someone who is laid back and emotional on the inside but most of the times he shows emotionless faces or 'fake' expressions to make people not to be scared or think he's strangely around them. He always has his plans for little things and will fight or struggle to ge the things he want in his own way. Shuei will always refuse to fight as well and tries to avoid them in every manner he has open.


Life: When Shuei was born he was proclaimed the most happiest child to be born at a shrine says so the doctor. He was born and raised in Japan with his mother but no father since birth. His mother had met another man who was strangely in every way.. Years later that man began abusing Shuei's mother and himself. His mopther was kind and gentle towards Shuei no matter the situations he was in at the time he was growing up. Always keeping him safe and warm like a true mother would do. Yet it was bound to end sometime. At age 7 Shuei's mother had died.. Leaving all the possess she owned towards Shuei's step-father. At times like these he forced Shuei to rape, steal, drink, smoke, and other illegal things for a boy his age. Even prostitution for money. When Shuei turned 17 on his birthday his step-father gave him a hug and killed him off with a blade through his right hip. Shuei had bled to death from that wound and killed his step-father before death due them part..

Death: When Shuei died his spirit wondered aimlessly after waking up on the streets right after his step-father's spirit was sentenced to hell.. He kept wondering until a Shinigami attempted to save the boy before a Hollow grabbed him through a portal into Hueco Mundo. Once there many hollows began to devour him to quench their souls in hunger. In the time being he too became a Hollow in Hueco Mundo but instead of going to the real world he focused his unger on the other hollows and devoured them all one by one. In time he became a Menos Grande with it's own willinginly mind; Shuei's mind that is. This Menos Grande began to devour it's fellow hollows and Menos Grandes as the years went by. He became what is known an Adjuchas after that. He had the most awkwardly look for one tho, his appearance resembles that of a bird-like creature, having bone covering most of his body except the fathers of his wings. His eyes where violet within the skull-like mask.. With over years passing by Shuei was able to break his mask off to see if he would die or just see his face again. In return to his curiosity he gained powers and a human body again. Shocked to believe it himself he was still looking at age 17. Not aging one bit since his death!

Arrancar Progression State: After years went by he learned his abilities and what he can do on his own. He was considered a genius for working hard how his body manages in this new form. In time he ventured into Las Noches and became Arrancar Numero 99. He didn't want to stay at that low level and began ranking his way up by the years. In time he reached his final destination to his according rank in Las Noches today and is well respected amoungst the Hollow and Arrancar in Las Noches for his success. His tattoo number resides on his right chest and his hole on his right hip, were his step-father stabbed him ironically. His remaining mask is but a bone covering his neck, this cannot be seen unless Shuei takes off his clothing off to reveal his lower neck. It appears to have a crown-like shape to it as it curves only around his lower neck from behind.
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PostSubject: Re: Shuei Setsuna [ Arrancar]   Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:24 pm

approved ^^

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Shuei Setsuna [ Arrancar]
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