The Continuation from BleachRebirth
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 Naraka Shirumozan

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Naraka Shirumozan
2nd Espada

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PostSubject: Naraka Shirumozan   Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:20 pm

Name: Naraka Shirumozan

Age: 500

Gender: Male

Appearance: Naraka has blue hair, which is spiked up due to the gell he used to use all the time. When windy his hair goes down and grows down to about his neck. His eyes are very wide open and sometimes closed due to his loving of pranks and practical jokes, they are a crystal green and change colors in types of green due to his mood. He has a short leather jacket and underneath is a green shirt with blue flames on it. He wears black fingerless gloves with green flames on them as well, he also sports a neclace with a real crystal on it, the crystal is a black color, but was blue when Naraka was alive, he just figured because he died that the crystal changed color, it also glows blue when he is about to use a cero. He sports tightish, ripped black jeans, with a chain going down the jeans and and two shorter ones within the big chain. His shoes are roughed up converses, the were new before he died, and are now roughed up and dirty. Sometimes he sports a beanie with a skull and crossbones on it with flames behind the skull.

Personality: He is somewhat of a cocky guy. Naraka is very goofy, not to mention a hyperactive psycho crazy killer. He used to have ADHD when he was a human, so it is easy for him to be smiling and hyper most of the time. During serious situations and or battles, kaze's eyes change from prankster to serious and he get's very serious and takes on a serious persone.



As a child, Naraka was looked down on, he was always bullied by the other children. He only had one friend and her name was Yuka. Him and Yuka did everything together. Everyday they would hang out, sit together, even at points hold hands together. Naraka had a bad life, but with Yuka by his side, this prevented him from killing himself. But once he got older he started getting more friends and getting more popular. Making him begin to lose contact with Yuka as the more friends he got and the more he hung out with others. By 16 years old, Naraka was in a totally different group then Yuka, they didn't even talk anymore, everyone else looked up to Naraka and Yuka, but in different ways, but one day, everyone began to hate Naraka and Yuka didn't stand up for him. He thought that Yuka would stay with him. He hated Yuka, for years the silence went on, and at 19 years old, Naraka decided to end his own life by slicing his throat with his own katana.

Death/Arrancar Formation

After Naraka ended his life, he awoke, but a he was a different being. Naraka fealt, dumber, like he couldnt do anything. He saw these other structures, eating each other alive, like it was a habit or a fad. Naraka noticed that he was hungry, his stomach grumbleing and rumbleing. Naraka then bit into another structure, and felt nothing inside it, he ate it anyways, thereby giving them the nicknames of Hollow. After what seemed like decades and decades of eating, Naraka formed into a different creature, he was green, with a scarf and a mask, with spikes on his head and going down his back and bulky like muscles. A whole assumed itself in his throat. He dubbed himself Adjuchas(as his skin was rough as a stone, and adjuchas meaning stone demon) and the form he was before this a Gillan(as they were dumb, and Gillan meant countless creature). He began to command the hollows in small battles, as he was looked up to as a leader. When they failed to win, he ate them and gained more power, as he could only rely on himself. After Decades, Naraka grew horns and a shell like mask. He was the only hollow like this, and crowned himself Vasto Lorde(whiche means Great/Grand King of hollows). He commanded hollows since he was the only Vasto Lorde. Every hollow looked up to him, even the Gillan, they all looked at him as a leader. One day, Naraka splashed some water on his face and saw his former self in a reflection. Naraku grew angry. He then destroyed half of his army with his own arms. He walked through the dead bodies, remembering all of those who stepped on him, Naraka then pulled off his mask and all went blank. He woke up, in a strange desert. He wondered the desert and began to see others who removed their mask, Naraka knew he was stronger, since he was the only Vasto Lorde. He met a man named Aizen, who commanded these "Arrancar" as they call themselves. They were members of a group called Espada. For years Naraka joined Aizen's Group only to take his own plans and kill Aizen. Aizen was an idiot, and was killed by Naraka easily in his sleep. Naraka had run into the soul society many times and was exciled due to the fact he wasn't a Shinigami, Naraka used the Arrancar as he did when he was a Vasto Lorde, he was going to one day take down the soul society for shunning him because of his race. He promised things for the others, but had to accomplish his own agenda first, and from there on, Naraka commanded Espada and Aizen's Army with ease.
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PostSubject: Re: Naraka Shirumozan   Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:20 pm

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Naraka Shirumozan
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