The Continuation from BleachRebirth
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 Alasia Anari

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PostSubject: Alasia Anari   Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:08 pm

Name: Anari, Alasia

Age: 229

Visual Age: 18

Gender: female

Division: first

Personality: Quiet and shy, at first before she gets to know you. Alasia isn't very well with meeting new people. If she knows you well enough, she will let herself out at the fullest, A fun girl who only wants to be happy and keep others happy. She loves to be around peaceful places and when not, likes living life on the edge.

she has the same bright green eyes that Kylita has, but her hair is blonde. Her Shuhakusho is the sort of like Nemu’s except the skirt goes to her knees, not her thigh’s. The ribbon thing around her stomach is also black instead of the regular white.

History/Background: Alasia lived her life in the human world with no regrets, the only one was that she wished she would have listened to her sister. Maybe her sister wouldn't have died if she would have listened. But Alasia was a few years younger than Kyli, so everything was no real to her. After her sister’s death, her parents we're really mean to her and her brothers, no one was allowed to speak Kylita's name, or they would get beat.

After almost eight years of grieving her sister, Alasia met someone, A girl named Pippa in black robes, claiming to know her sister. "she was nice" Pippa told Alasia, then told her how only Kyli could see her in this town. After learning about shinigami, Alasia was determined to live so she could one day see Kyli again.

A few days later, after encountering Pippa, Alasia was shot in the back of the head, by an unknown suspect. Eventually people stopped looking for the person and forgot who she was. Alasia wandered the world of the living for some time before passing over. She woke up in Rukongai, and lived there for most of her Shinigami life.

Almost 200 years later, while the soul society was recuperating, she decided to join the Soul Reaper Academy. She passed after three years, and immediately was put in the first division. For the past few years of being in the first division, She has constantly been doing her best to improve her fighting, and impress everyone in her division
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PostSubject: Re: Alasia Anari   Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:20 pm


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Alasia Anari
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