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 Makaha Pau-Ahi

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PostSubject: Makaha Pau-Ahi   Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:31 pm

Name: Pau-Ahi, Makaha. (Roughly translated from haiwaiian Means "Savagely consuming fire"))
Birthday: April 7th
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 300~ (He hasn't weighed himself in along time, But he's mostly muscle.))
Appearance: A physically imposing man, He looks much older than he is. He wears a pair of khaki shorts, Roughed up by wear, The edges fraying, Buttons missing from the cargo pockets on the legs. Only thing covering his upper body is a sleevless hoodie that he usually wears unzipped, Showing off his chest. The shoulders are frayed, The sleeves were obviously crudly ripped off of it. He has Haiwaiian tribal tattooes on his left pectoral, Curling up onto his shoulder, and fading into his abs slightly. His hair a very dark brown, Almost black, And hangs down over his face. He tries to keep it out of his right eye usually, Since that's his good one, However he has mastered the art of seeing through one's hair. All in all he looks like a haiwaiian chad.
(Note, As diedrich uses him more and more, He will begin to look more and more like diedrich. . Just read the history too find the current state.)
Personality: While he may look like chad, He acts nothing like him. He is loud-mouthed, Vain, Womanizing, And a general Arse(Excuse my french). However, He does have his good side, He has a sense of honor and right and wrong (Even though he usually tries to get some sort of reward for his good deeds, He'll do them without asking for one first.)

The vasto lorde relaxes in his throne, And begins to remember.

He doesn’t much remember his life as a human. . Only his death . .He was killed. . For stealing something he thinks. . He only remembers thinking it’s not his time as he dies. .He also remembers his name. . Diedrich. He uses that name now, He finds it acceptable. He was turned into a hollow the slow way, he remembers that. Once he became a hollow he was more powerful than any other hollows, Even menos, Quickly consuming them, Human souls never appeasing his appetite. . . It took him eons to grow more powerful, And when he did he was amazingly powerful, Feasting on vasto lordes, Seven captains of the gotei thirteen falling by his hand. . . He remembers growing one final time, To a level of power never reached before. He remembers slaughtering the maskless ones, Those who strut as if they are the strongers those "Arrancar" He thinks the name with acid in his thoughts, The cocky bastards. He remembers having a level of control of hollows unsurpassed by any, Forcing them to consume eachother, Breeding powerful vasto lordes. He remembers slaughtering all like him, Not wanting any to grow as powerful as he is.

He opens his eyes, And he see’s this army of vasto lorde’s assembled infront of him. They’re about to invade soul society, About to show those shinigami just who rules the spirit world. .about to shatter their illusions of power. His army is starting to get restless. A single cold glare from him change this, As they all stand rigid, In a semblance of order, Such a strange thing in the world of hollows. One of them however keeps moving, Actually attacking his neighbor. Diedrich’s eye twitches. This has happened sometimes, a few hollows seem to have the power to resist him. A blast of black fire shoots out from his vicinity, Roasting the hollow adeath, Leaving him easy picking for the one he attacked. He allows himself a small smile as the disturbance is quelled.

He is stronger than any captain in the gotei thirteen. . he remembers making plans to invade seireitei. . he remembers dreaming, For yes he was so powerful he could dream, Dreaming of victory, Dreaming of it’s sweet taste.

The ranks once again begin to lose their order, And he frowns. It’s almost time to invade seireitei. He gives the signal, And several of his more trusted hollows around the edge begin to open up gargantua’s, All opening into one place. .The skies of Seireitei. He stands up.

“Today. . We invade seireitei. . Today . .We kill the worthless shinigami scum . .Today we shall win. . We shall take seireitei, And then we shall destroy it. TODAY WE WILL WIN!”

The hollows Cheer madly, All of them are intelligent enough to understand this speech, to understand how big, How epic what they are doing is. They begin to march through the gargantua’s, Raining onto the skies of seireitei. Diedrich stands and opens his own, Walking through it into the mayham. He emerges above the skies, Walking on his own spiritual pressure, Watching his army overrun seireitei, Overrun the feeble resistance. He can make out some spots where captains and lieutenants are holding their own, But they’ll soon fall. He descends into the chaos, Killing two shinigami with his spiritual pressure alone, The massive pressure choking the life out of them as he stands near them. Black fire erupts from him, Burning more shinigami as he walks through the mayhem, Lashing out at shinigami, Killing them with a single hit. He is more powerful than any of those pitiful maskless hollows. He towers over the shinigami by at least a foot, Giving him a good view when suddenly about ten of his hollows just disappear. He begins to move towards the area, Striking downs shinigami left and right as he moves. About twenty feet away he sees a lone shinigami slash his sword at a hollow, And then the hollow is suddenly gone.

Oh . . Shit.

He realizes what is happening. The hollows reiatsu is still there. .But now it is inside the sword. Somehow the shinigami have come up with a weapon that can fell hollows with a single blow. He begins to launch ceros at the man wielding this blade, Ceros of black fire, But he simple swings his sword at them, And then they too are gone. He is so absorbed with trying to kill this man that he doesn’t notice that his army is now losing, That the shinigami are now winning. The thirteen captains and the grand kidou chief surround him, And bind him to the ground with a simple bakudo, Made incredibly powerful by the force of the fourteen shinigami all putting their energy into the same bakudo. Then they begin to recite something, Some new bakudo, He feels it’s energy squeezing his soul at the same moment he realizes what’s happening. They’re sealing him!! They continue in the recital, But he struggles, He’s breaking the bakudo, When the mysterious man joins in, And he can feel a massive influx of power being added to the bakudo. This man is strong, And he is going to win. . .Diedrich is going to be sealed, He realizes this.


The man answers simply.


Diedrich has barely enough time to remember this name before the seal is finished, And suddenly he is an incredible amount of pain. He’s glad though, because being able to feel this seal means he might be able to fight against it. Unbeknownst to him, The fifteen men move him to a small island in the pacific, currently uninhabited, Newly formed by volcanic activity. They leave him here, They are unable to kill him without breaking the seal, And if they broke the seal he would kill them. They do not know that this island will become a major tourist destination in the far far far far far future, They only know that there are noumans there now.

And now to the history for the character I will actually be registering!

Makaha was born on the main island of Hawaii, In a small pool. His mother opted to give a natural water birth, And the stubborn woman that she was, She kept through it even through the pain. He was born with a smack on the hiney, And then quickly wrapped in the same clothes his mother, And her father before her were wrapped in. He had no father there to stare at his new son in amazement, And he never will have a father there, Not one to encourage him sports, Give him “The talk” or even introduce him to illicit use of alcohol, and the relentless beatings that ensue. He just had his loving mother, who had a habit of slapping the back of his head whenever he screwed up. Suffice to say he did his best not to screw up. However, The cards were stacked against him. Even for a shinigami he had an incredible amount of reiatsu, And his reiatsu was very hot and lively. Stuff had a tendency of catching fire around him, and he often got blamed for it. Kids didn’t much like to play with him, since they usually got burned. His mother for some reason could handle these effects, Maybe owing to her cool personality. (Or maybe her icy reiatsu clashed with his, keeping her safe.) When makaha was about three, He was exploring around the volcano. You see, His mother was a volcanologist, And as such, Lived on the slops of the volcano. So makaha often played Indiana Jones on the slopes.

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PostSubject: Re: Makaha Pau-Ahi   Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:32 pm

One day he was exploring one of the little wooded areas lower down on the slopes, And he found a spot where the life just sort of stopped. Tree and grass ringed this area, But then just stopped, A solid circle of black dirt. Makaha stepped into it, and realized he was mistaken. It wasn’t black dirt, It was Ash. Lots and lots of ash. He steps closer into the circle, Walking on ground that has been untrodden for millennia. Diedrich, In the center of this circle of ash, Feels this child, Feels the massive reiatsu. He realizes that this child could possible beat a captain with spiritual pressure alone. Makaha has no clue what he’s getting near, And then he steps into the seal. Now the makers of the seal did not realize that it had several flaws. The first you already know about, Diedrich can fight against it. The second is that it will seek to anchor itself into any strong soul it comes in contact with, Such as Makaha’s. Makaha feels nothing as the seal anchors itself inside of him, Except maybe a slight loss of feeling. Besides anchoring itself to a powerful soul, It also seals a good portion of their reiatsu, As much as it can, And shuts them off from the spirit world a little. Makaha had just started seeing sort of “hazes” as he called them, Which were his first real visions of spirits. However, This seal shut him off from that, And he would continue to be shut off from it for the next ten years. Now over those ten years some important things happened. First, When he was five his mother died during an eruption. He was then adopted by his mother’s brother, But he was a lousy drunk, And he was sort of adopted by the small coastal village his uncle lived in. He got food and other things in return for working for it. However, His smart A**ed comments did earn him the occasional whack to the head, But he deserved it, And took it with grace, Dignity . . .And more smart A**ed comments. He grew into a fine young man, Even if he was Vain, A jerk, A womanizer, And a bit of an Arse, he still had good values. . Besides the Vainness, The jerkiness, The womanizing, And the arsery of course. He grew up loving the town, Even if he had some odd ways of showing it, And generally doing the best to make sure his actions spoke louder than his words. Around the age of nine he started to developed a pyrophilliac streak, Starting small fires and enjoying it. Now he was smart, And never let this habit get out of control. When he was ten his uncle died, and since he had no other living relatives, The state of haiwaii was going to ship him away. Instead, One lady in the town who particularly liked him asked to adopt him, And so he stayed in the town. Since his last name had been changed so much, He took a name of his own. “Makaha Pau-ahi” He thought it fit. His name change went rather smoothly, And he doesn’t actually remember his old name, Liking his new one so much that his old one just sorta . . Slipped. Now this entire time his spiritual pressure was growing, And the seal was containing both his and Diedrich’s reiatsu, Making him a pretty normal human. However, Around the time he turned thirteen, His spiritual pressure grew too strong for the seal to contain, And it started to “boil over” in a sense, People beginning to feel that heat whenever they were near him. Also, He began to see spirits again, And by the time he was fourteen he could see them crystal clear, and communicate with them perfectly. Except for those dang tourist’s, He couldn’t understand a word they said. Anyway, He started helping the ones he could clear up whatever business they had left in life, He was after all, A nice guy deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep down, And then you have to scrub away some dirt, Go down the hatch, And input the secret code, And inside of that itty-bitty strong room is his nice guyness. However, He just couldn’t leave this souls, Noone else could help them, So he did what he felt was right. Now, As his spiritual pressure began to grow, Hollows started to become attracted the island. The first one to actually came did so on april 23, The year he turned fifteen. Now by this time he had a really good spiritual sense, And he felt the hollow the moment it came. He also felt that this was no normal spirit. .That this spirit was powerful … And somehow he knew it was evil. He went to investigate, and what he saw scared the living crap out of him. The hollow was roughly humanoid, But it’s leg’s were incredibly short, And it’s arms were twice as long as his body, The elbow’s pointing forward as he walked on his hands, His legs hanging under it. It was currently eating a soul, It’s legs holding the soul still with hand like appendages on the end, Except each had seven fingers and then a claw in the middle. Makaha knew this particular soul, He had been helping it yesterday. So with the recklessness only possessed by teenagers, He threw himself at the hollow like a fricken idiot. The hollow was a bit surprised, staggering for a few seconds, But then it put all it’s weight on one hand, and smacked Makaha with the other. He went flying, He would have gone about fifty feet if he hadn’t smacked, Spine horizontally, Into a tree, Falling to the ground. He stands up, Steady, After a blow that would have killed most humans. He spits into the dirt. “You call that an attack!? I’ve taken a steel girder to my back before! Being thrown at a tree is nothing!” With that, he turns around and literally rips the small tree out of the ground, And then swings it at the hollow, Smacking him right in the head, Causing a small crack in the hollow’s mask. The hollow falls backwards onto it’s rear, The legs flailing uselessly in the air, Their not strong enough to lift him up. His arms quickly raise him back into the air, And he suddenly lunges at Makaha, His foot hands wrapping around him, Squeezing him hard, Sending him into delirium as he loses his supply of air. The hollow then readjusts his grip to the shoulders and hips, And begins pulling apart. Diedrich, Feeling an immense pain, Suddenly realizes what’s happened. And with a burst of energy fueled on by the fear that if his host dies he will die to, He lashes out at the seal, making a small crack in it, But it was enough. Diedrich’s power begins to trickle through that crack, And Makaha gets a sudden burst of energy, Ripping off one of the legs, Inciting the hollow to an extreme rage. The hollow tosses him through the air like a rag doll, And he lands in the middle of a bon fire, Still raging from a party last night presumeably. Instead of burning him, The fire empowers him. The fire licks at his wounds and his bruises and they slowly start to fade. He stands up, Empowered, Flames rising around his body, Seeming to be spurred on by his mere presence. He leaps at the hollow, The fire following him, A blazing arc ripping through the sky behind him as he crashes into the hollow, Flames sliding off of makaha’s body and covering the hollows, Burning it adead (Since it’s not really being burnt alive when your dead. . ). His fist rips through the hollows flesh as he punches it, A source of strength empowering him beyond his already Herculean strength. He plunges his other fist in, Right next to the first, And then literally rips a huge hole in the middle of the hollow, Jagged flesh lining it, Black blood pouring out of it. With a final flaming punch, Makaha shatters the hollow’s mask, And with the vasto lorde’s power, It’s very soul. The hollow disintegrates as he it’s soul is destroyed, and the flames around Makaha dies as the power within him goes dormant once more. He falls to the ground. Exhausted, The power leaving him as quickly as it arrived. He stands up shakily and inspects himself. His arms bear no sign of the fire that raged around him, His clothes are not burned or even blackened. He wonders if it was all a dream, And then he opens his left hand. In it, Is a small shard of the hollows mask. He knows then that it was not a dream, That monsters are coming to the island, And that he somehow has the power to fight them. What he doesn’t know is that his power in part comes from the most powerful one of these monsters to ever exist, One who is more powerful than any who has come before or after him. He goes home that night, The hollow mask fragment still clutched in his hand, And he keeps clutching it even as he sleeps.

~~~2 years later~~~
Makaha is almost eighteen. He’s killed a lot of hollows now, He wears a small necklace around his neck, With 27 hollow mask shards on it, a leather string strung through the middle of the shards. His powers have grown, He now summons them at will, able to create fire with his mere thought. He has also grown a lot more mature, But only on the inside. Outside, He’s still the same immature kid at heart he’s always been, And most people wouldn’t want it any other way. He’s also gotten better at controlling his own reiatsu, Which has been growing substantially, People around him no longer getting burnt. However, He now never feels the cold thanks to it, And walks around all year in khaki shorts and a sleeveless hoodie, Or just the shorts. He’s had a fairly normal day, He helped a spirit (Dead wife, Wanted to tell her husband goodbye, That sort of thing.) Adding more to his reputation of Punk/smart-arse/Wierdo/Medium/Arse-whupper. He was on his way home when he felt it. A massive energy had just landed on the island, Another one of the Masked hole’s. (Tis what he calls hollows, Has nothing better) But this one is much stronger. . (He’s only fought hollows and four menos, So this hollow, which is an adjuchas btw, Is like god to him.). He heads for it anyway, Knowing he must defend the people he loves, Even if he’ll never admit to them. Once there he finds an Adjuchas with two menos, One on either side of it.

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PostSubject: Re: Makaha Pau-Ahi   Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:33 pm

Makaha leans against a tree, Watching the adjuchas, Who is really doing the exact same thing. They inspect eachother. The adjuchas is maybe seven feet tall, with pitch black skin, And he has extremely unique arms. At the elbow they split off, Into two seperate four arms on each side. The one in the back ends in sort of a spike, That has a hook about 10 inches from the point. Makaha shudders lightly as he imagines what that hook might be for. The other arms are normal, Well as normal as hollows go, Ending in overlarge hands. His legs are a bit short, Accounting for only about 3/8ths of his height instead of the usually 1/2. The thighs are thick, While the lower half is incredible thin, And ends in a sort of birds foot, Except that instead of three coming out of the front, and one out of the back, Two come out of each end. This all serves to give his legs the appearance of a large birds. Makaha can see part of a skinny tail, It seems to float in the air, the tip feathered and lying on the ground. The adjuchas' mask is an odd one. Two beaks, Each about 10 inches long, Spurt out the sides of the mask at around mouth level. They're not very wide, looking like maybe falcons beaks, Just larger. In between these is a 5 inch stretch which has a huge mouth, Teeth bared, Looking something like grimmjaw's, Except that theres a smooth section in the very middle, About a quarter inch wide. His eyes are extremely avian, And around them on the mask are red markings, Two curling down and out from the lower middle, And two curving up and out out of the upper middle of them. On either side of the mask two sort of (Can't think of a good word, Sue me) Curve out of the back edge. They're angle of curve is similar to that of your finger if you let it curve naturally at rest. They're about 14 inches long, And the curve continues so they come back to the back edge of the mask, But they don't rejoin. Going back from the middle is a ten inch piece with a much lower angle of curve, Remaining nearly level. Besides the red markings on the eyes the mask is pure white, And seems to gleam gently, As if freshly hewn from a massive piece of bone. The adjuchas shifts lightly. It's been standing away from trees this entire time. Makaha seems to sense some sort of discomfort.

Y-You can relax if you want.

He stutters lightly, Not from fear, But from the unusuallness of this situation. Masked holes, Those who he has been fighting for the last four years, Are serving him for some reason. The adjuchas seems to sigh lightly, But you can't really tell, As all that happened was his chest fell a little. He turns around, And now makaha can see that there are two ridges on his back, About midway between his sides and his spines, starting right below the shoulders, Peaking at 6 inches about 7 inches down, And then gradually sloping until they halt at around his hips. He can now also see that the "tail" doesn't originate from the end of the spine, But rather halfway up his back. The adjuchas leans up against a tree, Putting his shoulder into it instead of his back. Makaha begins to wonder why.

Maybe those ridges are sensitive or something.. .

He's been thinking about this for about two minutes when the menos comes back, Holding a small, Weak hollow. He notices it has only one arm, so it must the one whose arm he ripped. But besides that's it's pretty normal, It's mask uneventful, Looking like it was sculpted by a mayan. The menos puts the hollow onto the ground, And then whips it upside the head, Stunning it a little. Makaha just looks at the hollow, unsure what to do.

Diedrich watches this entire situation, And a wave of frustration sweeps over him when he feels makaha's unsureness.

Rargh! Do i have to do everything!?

He pushes his conciousness through the gap, But instead of taking control over makaha he simply sort of directs his will at makaha, Compelling him to eat the hollows soul. As this is happening, Neither of them notice makaha's right hand grow more craggy, And his left begin to grow small claws, The nails extending and thickening. Also, Behind both of his ears a small deposit of the material hollow masks are made from forms. As makaha is eating the soul, Diedrich pulls it into the seal through the crack, Replenishing his own power. He then lashes out at the crack, Making it a little bigger thanks to the small power of the eaten hollow. Makaha finishes eating the hollow, And diedrich pulls his influence back.

Wha-What just happened!? How did i know to do that!? Did i just eat that masked hole?

His feelings of hunger slowly dissipate, So he supposes that it must have hit the spot, And decides not to question it further, Focusing instead on the matters at hand.

So why am i your master now?[b]

[b]Because you are stronger than our old one.

(Silver is now the adjuchas.)

Grishaw, The menos(named him earlier in history, So don't accuse me of springing that name on you!) Seems to stand a little ways away, As if afraid.

W-what is your name?

Makaha remembers the adjuchas calling him by it, But doesn't remember the menos' actual name.

Gr-Grishaw master.

Makaha nods, And then turns to the adjuchas.

And yours?


T-Thank you silving, And grishaw.[b]

He's not quite sure what he's thanking him for, They Had abducted him, Taking him to some strange place, and honestly beat the snot out of him before hand. But for some reason he feels sorry for them, And decides thank him. The adjuchas seems shocked for a second, And then nods lightly.

[b]You are our master now. We will help you any way we can.

Makaha nods lightly.

Where are we?

Silving seems a little shocked at this question, But he remains mostly impassive, Thinking their new master is most likely just testing him to see if he's worthy.

In the forest of menos, Inside Hueco Mundo.

Makaha frowns lightly.

Hueco Mundo?

The land of hollows.

Grishaw seems shocked that he spoke, And even more shocked that noone has slapped him for it yet.

And you are hollows?

They both answer yes.

So they're called hollows. .Certainly less of a mouthful than masked holes. Fits too. . Those beasts are hollow somehow.

He sighs. Diedrich pushes his influence upon him, Making him forget to ask if they could leave. Diedrich can't leave, Not when he's wearing down the seal so well. He sits down, Leaning back against a tree.

I-I'm going to take a nap. . . Can you make sure nothing bothers me while i'm sleeping?

Silving nods, And waves his hand at grimshaw who moves a little ways into the forest.

I will stay and watch you, Grimshaw will look around.

Makaha feels safe for some reason, And allows himself to fall asleep.

~Little bit later~

Makaha wakes up slowly, With silving sort of shaking his shoulder lightly.


Master, A vasto lorde!


Silving is slightly annoyed by his master testing him like this.

An extremely powerful hollow! We must Mo-

Silving is cut off when grishaw is thrown into him. Following him is a a vasto lorde, Stalking into the area. It's about 6'8", And it's body is mostly black, With blue veins running through it as if it's cracked ice.

(Really hard to describe how it looks in my head. . She looks similar to when yoshino fused with her doll, Except she has small ridges over her shoulders. And also the veins of blue are much more covering. Sorry i can't be more exact, But it's humanoid so it should be easy to imagine.)

Her mask is an icy blue color, With two swirls of back curling from the sides of the eyes to the chin. Spikes shoot backwards from the back edge of the mask, Looking like hair constantly blown at by wind, Or the iconic hair of a mad witch. She turns her head, Facing makaha. Her eyes are an icy blue to match her mask, almost indiscernible from it were it not for the ring of black around the iris. She turns her head back to silving and grishaw, Who have seperate, With grishaw standing unsure of what to do. She leaps at grishaw, A huge spike of ice forming over her left hand, Headed straight for his chest. Makaha then does something very strange. He wishes he could get over there fast enough, Pulling on every inch of his being, And then he pulls on diedrich, Drawing on more of his power by himself. The small deposits of mask behind his ears start to grow. He is suddenly infront of silving, The huge spike of ice grabbed between his hand. A cero forms in his mouth and is launched into the spike, The heat of it melting the ice before it touches it, Exploding on the vasto lorde. However it was a weak cero, not even fully charged, And she merely staggers back. She makes as if to attack again, But makaha is to fast, already at her right side. He stabs his right hand, The clawed one, Now black, the redness fading and growing up his arm at the same time, Into her side, And then charges a cero inside of her, Letting it go before it's fully charged as well. However, having a cero blow up in you is very differnt, And she falls to the ground, Almost dead. As a last resort she begins to freeze the area, But diedrich is bored now, And he simply stomps on her face, Crushing her mask, But her head is still intact. He picks her up, And then he sees her face. Makaha suddenly takes control again.


What he sees is the face of his mom. She's become a powerful hollow rather quickly, Owing to the fact that even as a human she was powerful. He can't kill her. . She's his mom. The hollow mask starts regrowing, And once it's about halfway regrown she attacks him. Diedrich litteraly lashes out at makaha's conciousness, Rendering him unconcious as he takes control, But it tired him . .Alot. With what little is left of his power he kills the vasto lord, Crushing her head. He's barely managing to stand as he tries to consume her souil, But his soul is forced back inside of the seal, He's consumed to much energy. Makaha resumes consiousness as he does, And catches himself, Falling to the ground when his elbow won't support him.

W-What happened?

A vasto lorde attacked. . and you killed it.

He hovers over the corpse, The soul still intact.

Master, May i?

Makaha has no clue what he means, So he merely nods. Silving picks up the body, And consumes the soul. He then begins to glow lightly, Spiritual pressure flowing out of his body a little.

M-master. .May i leave for a little? I will be back .. And grishaw will guard you.

Grishaw had just returned, Looking a litttle shaken up, But mostly intact.


Silving nods, And leaves, To do god knows what.

(SPOILER: to turn into a vasto lorde. Since noone's ever seen one being created i'm not going to presume to make a process.)

Makaha leans against a tree and falls asleep again, The seal, weakened, letting large amounts of his spiritual pressure flow through. Grishaw stands guard nervously, Not really sure he can guard him worth a crap, seeing as how easily that vasto lorde knocked him down. . and he's still missing an arm.

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PostSubject: Re: Makaha Pau-Ahi   Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:53 pm

Aproved for now (Unless rebecca says other wise)

Cast In The Name Of Yeavon Ye Not Guilty

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PostSubject: Re: Makaha Pau-Ahi   Sat Apr 04, 2009 5:14 pm

O.O your only suppose to do one post right?
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histories to long to fit in just one ^^;;;
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Makaha Pau-Ahi
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