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 Sora Mitsukai

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Division 4 Captain

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PostSubject: Sora Mitsukai   Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:52 pm

Name: Sora Mitsukai

Age: 322

Visual Age: 16

Gender: Female

Division: 4th Division (Captain?)

Personality: Sora is a kind girl, innocent, helpful. She is also very intellegent and strategical. She was not a normal child, not rebelious and very kind hearted. Sora works her very hardest everyday, she rarely lets herself relax and she can be found sleeping in her desk from time to time. She is on the weak side but she can hold up a fight.

Appearance: Sora Mitsukai Image

History/Background: Sora lead a good life, she had a large family. One brother and one sister. They lived comfortably inside of Kyoko.

Even as a child Sora had a natural talent for healing. If there was an incident at hoime and school, most children and even teachers would go to her for her help. She knew every injury, disease and symptom know to science. She studied medical journals, read medical novels. She was in advanced biology even at the age of ten. She surpassed even the highschoolers in her class. Sora wasn't perfect however, she was extremely niave, and not the strongest most definately.

Sora noticed that she was different from her siblings, once, out shopping with her Sister a woman came up to her and ask her for help, as Sora stared at the woman Strangely, her Sister came over and took her hand asking what she was staring at, Sora replied, saying there was a woman there who wanted her help, and her sister gave her a look said that no one was here and to hurry up. Sora realized then that she could see the sprits of the passed and started helping them the best she could.

Then one unfortunate day, at the age of 16 Sora was walking through Kyoko, looking for something to do when she heard screaming.
"Someone help my poor baby!" Screamed a woman spirit as she pointed towards her child, a small boy spirit riding his tricycle across the road, a small smile on his lips, a bus headed his way. Sora ran towards the child, pushing him out of the way, just in the nick of time.. The last thing she could her was the screaming of the breaks, before the bus had hit her...

She found herself in the fourth division building, the old captain had found her soul by accident, when she noticed her immense spirtual pressure she knew that young Sora had potential. She recruited Sora immediatly and trained her to the bone.

Sora trained day and night, working as hard as she could to obtain a higher status in the division. She first gained Bankai.
s Sora worked to become a master of Bankai she met an important part to her life, Her once upon a time Fiance Aiden. She had loved him dearly.. they were happy together, hardly anyone was as happy as them.. Except until the time she had lost not only her sister.. but her brother. Sora heart felt like it exploded with pain. She lost two more family members.. And she only had two left.. that weren't even blood related.. Anemone and her Fiance.. She clung to her fiance.. He was an Espada so he should of being able to take care of himself.. but Sora had at that time adapted an inner hollow, whom she hated with a passion, but he was Mabushii's twin.. So she handled. Sora moved to the Vaizard mansion.. but.. along side her.. Her fiance was brutally assasinated.. Leaving Sora to herself.. she made it seem that she had been on a leave from the Soul Society so she tried to figure out a way to rid of the hollow.. There was only one way..

So she had went to the captain of the twelvth division, who disected her and rid of the hollow, sketchily sewing her back up and leaving her on his test table.. Sora awoke the next morning to find a pair of wings attached to her body..

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!?" Sora had screamed out having a pair of wings spread out of her back. They were just like angel’s wings, Fluffy and white. They fold snugly into her back, Almost unnoticeably unless she unfurls them. They glow softly, With a golden light. Wings are about seven foot long each, Giving her a 14 foot wing span.
The captain gave her the explaination of. "They are an experiment. It's a constant shikai Zanpaktou, in return for me removing the Hollow I gave you a new experimental Zanpaktou."

Sora grumbled and glared at the captain then sighed, spreading her wings and flapping them softly. She would have to get used to it she supposed..
Sora went back to the fourth division, and she worked as hard as she could to regain Bankai. It wasn't easy but she did it. Gradually she grew to a seat in the fourth division, when she had finally reached Lieutenant she worked even harder than before. (The fateful day the captain of the fourth division died she took over. Sora has worked as captain of the 4th division for almost 20 years. She is one of the top captains that had taken over the fourth division.) If she can be cap
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PostSubject: Re: Sora Mitsukai   Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:58 pm


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Sora Mitsukai
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