The Continuation from BleachRebirth
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 Experimental Zan. Amaterasu

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PostSubject: Experimental Zan. Amaterasu   Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:03 pm

Name: (Shining over heaven) Amaterasu


Command: Amaterasu, spread your wings and let the world bathe in your light!

Family: Holy Wind/Constant release Shikai

Level: Shikai

Shikai: The blade takes the form of two wings, Permanently sprouting out of her back. The wings are just like angel’s wings, Fluffy and white. They fold snugly into her back, Almost unnoticeably unless she unfurls them. They glow softly, With a golden light. Wings are about seven foot long each, Giving her a 14 foot wing span.

Shikai Ability: Anyone who is bathed in the glow of her wings experiences constant minor healing, Including her.

Bankai: The wings turn into pure crystal, Warm to the touch. The glow get’s stronger, As if a well of light is inside of every crystal feather. The feathers are razor edged to her enemies, Any enemy who comes in contact with her wings will walk away bleeding. Allies are seemingly unaffected by this.

Bankai Ability: Along with the stronger glow come’s stronger healing, Way stronger healing. Like constant medium healing.

Divine Shield: Can create a shield that guards from all attacks for a five feet radius around her. The shield takes on a gentle golden glow. The disadvantage is that if your inside the shield, you can’t get out until it dissipates in one post. Four post recharge.

Feather Storm: Sends out a storm of feathers, Cutting up enemies. 20x stronger in bankai.
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PostSubject: Re: Experimental Zan. Amaterasu   Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:05 pm


Cast In The Name Of Yeavon Ye Not Guilty

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Experimental Zan. Amaterasu
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